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Our Business Intelligence solutions generate mission-critical insights any manager can understand – and utilize. For any industry we’ll help sustain and grow your business.

Power your organization with the best combination of AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing to create cloud-scale, cognition automation.

With Nvidia as our partner, Chillwall AI is optimized with GPU acceleration to achieve up to 40X speeds.

Predict the right market, operational, and financial decisions faster than real time.


Machine Learning is used by our artificial intelligence platform (BETTY). BETTY learns from numeric and linguistic data; she finds patterns and identifies opportunities. BETTY can operate fully autonomously and with support from our leading data scientists and engineers in Canada and the United States.

Spoken and text data represents leading-edge opportunity to optimize predictions. The Chillwall AI instantly translates text strings and spoken language into data insights using powerful techniques like TFIDF, CNN, RNN, HAN, GRU and others like TensorFlow. NLP solutions to business problems like analyzing emotion and tagging content occur seamlessly in the Chillwall AI environment.

BETTY understands human behaviour.  She has picked players in drafts before GM’s have even realized they had the next pick.  She recognizes what people want before people know they need it. We can implement BETTY’s predictions into your organization so you know what your customers want… faster than real time.

  • Make your operations more efficient, eliminate waste (scrap, downtime, stockouts).  With BETTY at the helm, it is possible in real time (and faster).
  • Predict the right product upsell, bundling prospects and drive the optimal customer retention programs.

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