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Who We Are

Located in Toronto, the world’s leading epicentre of AI innovation, Chillwall AI are the creators of the World's leading Experience AI platform. Chillwall AI features personalized conversational AI powered by our emotions by a diverse team of a team of PhDs and Masters graduates in Behavioural Psychology, Sociology, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Consumer Behaviour.

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Ian Knowles & Michael Campanelli, the company has created algorithms to power a proprietary AI nicknamed AEVI (AI-Enabled Voice Intelligence).  Learning from numeric and linguistic data, AEVI — presented as a digital human or an avatar — offers personalized recommendations based on ‘her’ abilities to predict human decisions and desires. Combining neuroscience, sociology and behavioural sciences, AEVI features — within a company’s website — cognition automation and individualized engagement at scale.

Chillwall AI is an official AI supplier to the Canadian Government and part of Waterloo’s Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem.

Chillwall AI has been supported by the National Research Council of Canada, Deep Learning AI Startup Accelerator NVIDIA Inception, Qualcomm and AWS.

Chillwall AI is a graduate of Canada leading accelerator and World’s Top 5 Business Accelerators: Waterloo's Accelerator Centre.


Michael Campanelli

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Michael has been a trail-blazer in disruptive new digital customer experience technologies. He is a veteran marketer with deep expertise in consumer engagement strategies and measurement.  He has worked at Bell (Canada’s leading telecommunications company), Virgin Mobile (an upstart cell provider), and (one of the most innovative online dating sites). Michael holds an International MBA from University of Lund (Sweden) and The University of Ottawa (Canada).


Dr. Ian Knowles

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Ian has over 30 years of industry and academic experience in Human Behavioural Modelling, Data Mining Econometrics and Marketing Research. During his career, he has launched and sold several successful companies.  Ian holds a MA and PhD in Applied Social Psychology with a specialization in Applied Research and Advanced Statistics from the University of Windsor (Canada) and University of Michigan (US), as well as a BSc in Psychology and Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.