On Demand Personalization

Turnkey & App-Less

More Engagement, Longer Stays

Better Insight

Semantic Classification of Data

Transform a basic search into a personalized concierge turning a curiosity to discover into a desire to experience more.

Offer personalized recommendations that your visitors are most likely to be interested in using a Concierge widget embedded onto your site or application. BETTY recognizes what users want before they know they need it. Powered by your own data.

Fast and Easy to Implement. Add a customized Concierge powered by BETTY using simple widgets embedded onto your site, application or digital board. No App to download.

Unlock hidden insights in your data based on real human interactions, desires and passions. Standard or customize on demand reporting.

Our business intelligence finds patterns and understands opportunities presented to you in customized reports.

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Stay one step ahead. Search Less, Discover More. Customize a personalized experience across the entire visitor journey powered by one of the world’s most advanced recommendation and semantic engines.

Super Charge Your Revenue